Last Bloom

Wherever I am in my travels I will often wonder what a particular spot looked like in the past. It is the land that has been covered in concrete that I often daydream about, wondering what it looked like before being changed forever. Sadly sometimes daydreaming isn't necessary.

I have driven by this pasture almost daily for the past twenty five years. I have seen fox and deer in its meadow, and every March I admired the blooms along its fence row. I knew time was limited, as suburban sprawl was fast approaching. Then one morning, there they were, dozens of bulldozers tearing up the meadow. I watched as trees were shredded and piled up to be burned, and top soil was mounded to be hauled off. My heart was heavy with the realization that this little patch of earth would likely be covered in concrete for generations.

Photo © copyright by Toby Skov.