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HI Toby,

Wanted to let you know we love the picture. We get lots of compliments on how cool it is. Sue


Thank you so much for everything. He will be very happy and surprised. He somehow lost your card, and remembered the name of the piece differently- he has been quite bummed about not being able to find it. Anyways - it is perfect and I so appreciate you working with me so I will have it on his birthday. Thank you. Alison

Dear Toby,

The Texas beautiful "Harmony in Nature" did in deed arrive, and we are still beaming at having it on our wall. Thank you for the professional packing, sending, and notification. But thanks even more for your artist's eye. Sharing such beauty with others should be very satisfying. I know we will enjoy satisfying this with our friends and family. David and Dorothy


It arrived perfect condition. It's spectacular! Thank you so much for your creativity and professionalism.We're honored to have your work in our home. Buck

HI Toby,

We received the picture this morning and it is perfect! I can hardly wait to hang it! We will enjoy this every day since it is being hung in a prominent place in our front hall! Jan

Print Information

I only use top quality materials and state of the art printing technology, this results in a print that is not only full of detail, but will stand the test of time.

My images are captured on transparency film in 35mm, 6x7cm, and 6x17cm panoramic formats. The film is then scanned using a Heidelberg Tango drum scanner to create a 16-bit digital file that is in excess of 600 megabytes. The creation of images on transparency film when combined with the drum scanning produces a print with detail that is truly extraordinary. No photo manipulation of the digital file occurs. The bottom line is great lighting combined with the proper film equals great color.

All limited edition (250) prints are signed and numbered.

Acrylic Face Mounting Information

The archival properties of the face mounting process have made it the benchmark when displaying photographs in galleries and museums across Europe. The patented "diasec" acrylic face mounting process was developed in Switzerland in the late 1960's.

Acrylic face mounting creates the deepest and richest colors, and most depth of any photographic process. The depth comes from the process of bonding the face of the photograph to a 1/8 inch sheet of clear acrylic, which gives the equivalent of a 1/8 inch gloss coating. With a clear high tech archival optical glue, the face of the photography is literally bonded to the acrylic to create a seamless appearance. The acrylic face mounts are sintra or dibond backed and come with a sub-frame attached, which gives the appearance that the print is "free floating" off the wall.

Because of the different light penetration and refraction qualities of acrylic glass has when placed directly on the surface of the print, the colors are more brilliant, saturated, more contrasted. The image viewing is sharper with more nuances providing a finer detailed image view. This superior material quality brings a new dimension to the print that cannot be achieved with ordinary glazing methods. This along with the archival properties is why acrylic face mounting is widely displayed in museums.

Acrylic face mounting is neutral curing, and has an in-built ultraviolet filter. It contains no plasticizers, and is resistant to fungicidal, bacterial agents, and air-borne pollutants. No air can reach the print surface eliminating oxidative degradation. After curing the whole airtight panel remains chemically inert and stable. There will be no color shifts, the whites will remain pure, and there will be no evidence of acid erosion. Unlike paper mounts, acrylic face mounting can withstand changes in temperature and humidity. Acrylic face mounting will last for generations.

Panel Mount Information

The image is mounted onto a acrylic sealed 1 5/8 inch wood panel. It is then coated with a conservation grade high-gloss clear coat epoxy resin. The selected resin contains UV stabilizers, and hindered amines for long-term protection and clarity.